Accountooze offers financial management services for Canada businesses. But there's more to our mission than that. We're here to assist entrepreneurs in determining what they want to do with their businesses and how to go about it.


We guarantee you'll get the best accounting services and business insights you need with our staff that includes Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), CFOs, Controllers, and everything in between. We're committed to making accounting not just simple to manage, but also simple to implement. The hidden weapon for executing your business plan and realizing your vision is good management of expenditure and revenue of a company.


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Accountooze Bookkeeping Hong Kong

We are a trusted and reputed outsourcing firm in India and our Parent Company is PawanSiddharth Advisors (P) Ltd.

We guarantee you'll get the best accounting services and business insights you need with our staff that includes Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), CFOs, Controllers, and everything in between. We're committed to making accounting not just simple to manage, but also simple to implement. The hidden weapon for executing your business plan and realizing your vision is good management of the expenditure and revenue of a company.

Who Are We?

We are a fast-growing outsourcing firm currently based in India. For Hong Kong business owners, we handle Best Bookkeeping Services Hong Kong, Bank reconciliation process Hong Kong, Payroll Processing Hong Kong, Company incorporation Hong Kong, AP/AR processing Hong Kong, and Tax Preparation Hong Kong. And we do it in a unique way. It's more than just crunching numbers for us. Our services allow entrepreneurs to devote more time to their passions.



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Our dedicated team of bookkeepers and  business experts are with you every step of the way. No more running your business alone.

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AP/AR Processing

We handle the entire process, build a sound AP/AR strategy, and employ a unique blend of intelligent capture and process automation to satisfy your demands with our Accounts Payable Processing system

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Tax Preparation

Our expertise in tax preparation, our enthusiasm, our dedication to our customers, and our product selection are just the beginning of what we have to offer.

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Bank Reconciliation

By outsourcing credit card and bank reconciliation services to our professional credit card and bank reconciliation services providers, you can save time, effort, money, and resources.

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Company Incorporation

By cooperating with us, you may benefit from our experience and reduce the amount of time you spend on mundane administrative duties.

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Payroll Processing

We offer payroll processing services such as issuing and recording pay slips, assisting with facilitating expenses and benefits, and implementing systems that allow our clients to take their own approach to make payroll more efficient and effective.

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Why Should You Choose Us?

We provide extensive assistance and monitoring to ensure the security of your sensitive data, as well as routine troubleshooting support in the event of any disturbances.


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Nuestro principio de confidencialidad es garantizar la privacidad de la información de nuestros clientes. Mantuvimos todos los datos en estricto secreto y respetados en el cumplimiento del deber.

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Sin complicaciones

Ofrecemos servicios de contabilidad de gran capacidad de respuesta para empresas pequeñas , medianas y grandes. Ayudamos a nuestros clientes a lidiar con sus grabaciones financieras diarias para darles tiempo y tranquilidad.

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Único punto de contacto

Obtenga aquí soluciones para todos sus problemas contables. Desde los servicios de contabilidad virtual hasta los servicios de nómina , siempre obtendrá una imagen clara de las finanzas de su empresa.

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Precio bajo y conocimiento experto

Nuestro precio bajo es mucho más bajo que otros. Contamos con CPA calificado (EE. UU.) En nuestro equipo y brindamos los mejores servicios de contabilidad subcontratados de la India.

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Mejor calidad

Nuestros expertos brindan servicios contables de alta calidad inquebrantables para garantizar la satisfacción del cliente. Su estrés se aliviará con nuestras soluciones contables rápidas , confiables y efectivas.

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Servicio de contabilidad mejor calificado y confiable

Nuestro proceso incluye registrar , analizar, resumir y reportar todas las transacciones. Tenemos muchos clientes felices con nosotros que nos calificaron como los mejores y confiables proveedores de servicios de contabilidad.

Bookkeeping and Accounting Hong Kong

Bookkeeping is repetitive yet mandatory for your business to fonder and run seamlessly.  Accountooze provides professional accounting services in Hong Kong for your company! Our team of skilled Certified Public Accountants will free you of the hassle of accounting so you can focus on your business. We'll be a terrific companion because of our effective communication and seamless integration. The nicest aspect about our services is that we are able to provide all of them at virtually no expense to us.Hong Kong registered firms are required to compile and keep financial records, as well as hire a local competent accounting firm to execute financial statement audits, under the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Ordinance and Companies Ordinance.

  • Since the end of the financial year, a Hong Kong corporation must keep accounting records for at least 7 years.

  • Except for inactive firms, all Hong Kong corporations must have their annual financial accounts audited.

Special accounting and auditing notes for Hong Kong companies are:

We are providing bookkeeping services in various fields, these services can help you reduce your office staff and costing on accounting team too.

Hiring a virtual bookkeeper comes with a loss of cost-saving. A team of in-office accountants will surely cost your business a lot. Whereas taking services from us won't. accountooze provides service on an hourly basis too.

Tax Preparation Services

The Hong Kong tax year, or assessment year, runs from April 1 to March 31 of the following year. Around 18 months after incorporation, a firm is responsible for filing its initial tax return, as well as every financial year end after that. To avoid significant penalties from the Hong Kong Tax Authority, business owners should be informed of their tax reporting duties. With tax planning and consulting, our expert accountants will have your back. We can also assist you with filing an offshore tax claim for income earned outside of Hong Kong.

Cloud-Based Accounting

To ensure compliance with local legislation, we can assist you in preparing and maintaining accounting records. Our expert accountants are always there to help your comapny in every manner they can, they can help you generate management reports with a review at a predetermined interval to aid in your decision-making. Our specialist accounting system can assist you in eliminating the need for an in-house accounting department, which can be costly to set up and manage.

Payroll Has Never Been Easier

In Hong Kong, we take care of your employees' accounts. Everything from annual leave to medical leave is taken care of. Our highly trained professionals are on hand to ensure everything goes well.

Accountooze provides accounting and bookkeeping services to entrepreneurs who have more pressing concerns. We manage your books while you run your business. With our transparent and efficient services, we'll keep your finances, taxes, and payroll in order. We are always thriving to make you business grow and keep your books up to dated. You just need to Send us the documents as soon as you get them: we reconcile every 24 hours and highlight any discrepancies. You don't have to sift through old invoices for hours. You receive a personal bookkeeper who is familiar with your company and books. Even late at night and on weekends, we respond in a chat within 15 minutes. We display your current balance and daily developments from all connected banks in real time. Anything bought or sold today will be reflected in the reports the following day.

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